Reduce the damage caused by smoking in 9 steps

Reducing the damage caused by smoking.

I am not going to start this article in an old fashion way, mentioning all of the illnesses caused by smoking, and the scary numbers of deaths it is causing every day. I will not list the names of all the chemical substances it contains and the harm each one does to your body. First, to not to spoil your day, but also because I am sure you are well informed about that matter. Another probable reason is, if you are a regular smoker, then you might be already noticing the impair it is causing to you.
This article is more about reducing the damage caused by smoking, and ways to make your body regain some of the vitality, immune, and energy it has lost, in very easy and very simple steps, until you decide to quit smoking.


Oxygen : The Key To Health And Well-Being

Breathing Oxygen - key to health and well being

Breathing is a spontaneous process we perform in a continuous and automated way, providing us with the vital element that keeps almost everything on our planet alive: Oxygen.
We all take for granted the fact that oxygen is vital, but if we were to know how it actually affects our body, we would enjoy every single breath we take.
In fact, Oxygen has a lot to do with your health, stamina, and well-being. Its deficiency is known to cause fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, and stress, yet, when available at sufficient amounts; it does wonderful things to your body.
So, what exactly is Oxygen? How does our body benefit from it? What is causing its deficiency? And most of all, How can we keep oxygen levels at the optimum?
Let us dig a little deeper and rediscover Oxygen as for the first time.

Beauty & Wellness

Rhassoul clay : An Organic Skin Care / Hair Care

Benefits of Rhassoul Clay for organic skin care and and organic hair care

Today’s ingredient is totally in line with the spirit of “Ever So Well”, a natural element produced spontaneously in the magnificent underground factories of Mother Nature. Rhassoul clay is a brown clay/dirt mined from deep under the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. In Morocco, women are still preferring Rhassoul clay as an organic skin and hair care to any other modern products.
So, let’s have a look at the benefits of Rhassoul clay, and how it will make your hair and skin look brighter.

Health Food & Nutrition

The 22 High-Fiber Foods You Should Know About

dietary fiber benefits

“Eat more fiber!” This is what I hear from my doctor each time I have constipation or diarrhea, while I’m just craving for some chemicals to help me recover fast, and also to make my visit worth its cost.
In fact, dietary fiber has a surprisingly positive effect on your body. It has been famous, since ancient Greece, for its capacity to prevent various digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea, and still today, research after another, are highlighting some of its amazing benefits.